Tweetstorm: Wisconsin Wolves

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals on Friday dismissed a Department of Natural Resources request to stop the wolf hunt that began this week on Monday, and runs through February 28th.

A Jefferson County judge ruled last week that the DNR had to establish a wolf hunting and trapping season this month. The DNR appealed that ruling, which came in a lawsuit filed by the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty on behalf of Hunter Nation Inc., a Kansas-based hunting advocacy group.

The appeals court ruled last Friday that the order was not a final judgment, so the appellate court has no jurisdiction over it. The appeal was dismissed.

Wisconsin law required there to be a wolf hunting season from early November through the end of February if the wolf is not on the endangered or threatened species list. It was removed from the federal endangered species list on January 4th. Last month, the Wisconsin DNR board refused to start a hunt before November, but Republican state lawmakers raised concerns that President Joe Biden might restore protections for the wolves before then.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources accepted applications for up to 4,000 permits that may be issued to hunters for the wolf hunt. The Natural Resources Board unanimously approved a quota of 200 wolves.

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1a. #Wisconsin’s shame. The slaughter began this week. Pure bloodlust, 4,000 tags sold to kill 200 #WIwolves by nearly any means possible—with hounds, bait, by trap or snare, firearm, bow and arrow and crossbow, and hunting by night. pic.twitter

1b. 🤬

Shame on #Wisconsin @WDNR @GovEvers
Stop the slaughter of #WIwolves

2. The @WDNR decision allowing a February wolf hunt was rushed, based on flawed scientific data, and conducted without considering the long-term health of both wolf packs and human interests @GovEvers Shame on #Wisconsin #WIwolves

3. Allowing #Wisconsin wolf trophy hunting and trapping at any level could have dire consequences, at this excessive level of 200 #wolves will prove indefensible and likely catastrophic, @WDNR @GovEvers

4. Holding this rushed season in February during breeding season and while wolves are pregnant will only magnify catastrophic impacts, @WDNR @GovEvers Shame on #Wisconsin #WIwolves

5. The quota of 1/5th of the population of #WIwolves is arbitrary and scientifically unsupported and based off its fatally outdated Wisconsin Wolf Management Plan @WDNR @GovEvers Shame on #Wisconsin

6. Welcome to #Wisconsin! The Blood Sport Capital of the United States and the ONLY state that allows wolf hounding. With zero moral compass the state condones #animalcruelty.

7. Allowing wolf trophy hunting/trapping at any level has dire consequences such as destroying pack structure and leaving yearling pups to starve @WDNR @GovEvers Shame on #Wisconsin #WIwolves

8. Experts warn that allowing hunting at the excessive level outlined in the state’s current Management Plan is indefensible, @WDNR @GovEvers #WIwolves

9. Holding a season for #WIwolves in February will magnify harm to stable wolf packs. @WDNR should make informed and transparent decisions based on sound #science, meaningful tribal consultation, and with input of diverse stakeholders @GovEvers

10. Holding a season in February with an enormous quota of 200 #WIwolves is an abomination @WDNR @GovEvers Shame on #Wisconsin

11. This early 2021 wolf season is unlawful and goes against the decisions of the NRB and the commitments of the @WDNR to transparency and broad public engagement @GovEvers #WIwolves Shame on #Wisconsin

12. This early season for #WIwolves spells disaster for #Wisconsin’s wolves and halts any progress they’ve made after decades of horrific cruelty and persecution @WDNR @GovEvers Shame on #Wisconsin

13. The hunt this winter should never have moved forward as the DNR had not met its obligation to consult with multiple #Wisconsin tribes as laid out in a 1983 court ruling known as the Voigt Decision @WDNR @GovEvers #WIwolves

14. Shame on #Wisconsin, the only state that mandates #wolves be hunted upon federal delisting and the only state that allows packs of dogs when hunting wolves @POTUS @GovEvers @USFWS #WIwolves

15. Basing a hunt and quota on the state’s 2015 wolf management plan, not holding a public opinion survey on the wolf hunt, and not consulting with area Native American tribes who consider wolves to be a sacred animal is appalling @WDNR @GovEvers Shame on #Wisconsin

16. Zero consideration was given to the fact that the wolf or Ma’iingan is a keystone species or relative for the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission’s member tribes and represents an iconic emblem of their clan systems. @WDNR @GovEvers #WIwolves

17. This #WIwolf season is not so much a hunting season as it is a killing season. No justification, none, was given for what was the legitimate purpose other than killing wolves. Shame on #Wisconsin @POTUS @USFWS @WDNR @GovEvers

18. .@WDNR is not serving or protecting Wisconsin’s wildlife as is mandated by the Wildlife Trust Doctrine, they are allowing the slaughter of pregnant female gray wolves @POTUS @USFWS Disgusting @GovEvers #WIwolves

19. #Science shows that establishing a trophy wolf hunting season will not solve any of the purported issues that @WDNR and NRB raise to justify such seasons @GovEvers

20. Studies demonstrate that randomly killing wolves will not solve, but can exacerbate, #Wisconsin’s already rare conflicts with livestock @WDNR @GovEvers #WIwolves

21. The cruelties and barbaric hunting and trapping methods #WIwolves will suffer, coyotes endure year round in #Wisconsin. Shameful and abhorrent @WDNR @GovEvers

22. Coyote & wolf hunting with hounds isn’t hunting, it’s legalized dog-fighting @WDNR @GovEvers Shame on #Wisconsin

23. #Wisconsin’s existing regulations regarding wolf “management” do not provide adequate enough protections to ensure persistence of population numbers, @POTUS #WIwolves #RelistWolves

24. During this accelerating, and human caused sixth mass extinction crisis this is NOT how we should treat innocent animals living in our few remaining forests, @POTUS @Interior @USFWS @WDNR Shame on #Wisconsin #WIwolves

25. Shamefully, during this human caused sixth mass extinction crisis, politicians and wildlife agencies not only allow but encourage sociopaths to descend upon our wildlife in horrifically unimaginable ways @POTUS @Interior @USFWS @WDNR #WIwolves

Thank you for raising awareness for Wisconsin’s wolves.


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