2021 Wolf Lovers Calendars

It is our intention to offer a small variety of calendar wall art for the upcoming year; as each calendar item is completed they will be added here. We have a total of five unique 2021 calendars all of our 2021 calendars including one for kids. Prices start at $6.79 for the smallest (approximately 7″ × 12″) photographic print.

Our first calendar for next year is offered with just a few accessories, and is simply called 2021 Wolf Calendar. This calendar, an original art work by August Allen, is available in a variety of wall art, laptop sleeves/skins, notepads, throw pillows and puzzles and is painstakingly lettered and numbered by hand. Our first 2021 Wolf Calendar also has a full moon calendar at the bottom. Tap onto the title or image below for details. Note: to protect our copyright, the image below was not uploaded here in high resolution but know that your purchase will retain clarity down to the smallest detail (of course, the copyright watermark is removed from your purchase).

We also designed a pretty cool matching apron:

And a really cool floor pillow (also available in smaller sized throw pillows):

And…an awesome puzzle:

Our second 2021 calendar was designed with kids in mind, and is also available in stickers and notepads. I was raised by wolves 2021 calendar:

The raised by wolves design is also available in hoodies, tees, masks, and a variety of accessories (shown below). They can be found here.

Our third calendar is very similar to our first and is titled You and I 2021 Calendar. This calendar is also available in notepads, magnets, and stickers.

Our fourth calendar involves no wolves, but rather a very wise rabbit. Smart Bunny 2021 Calendar is available in a variety of wall art, notepads, magnets and stickers:

Our fifth and final 2021 calendar is for the werewolf lover of the somewhat pessimistic sort! He Lied. 2021 Werewolf Calendar:

This calendar is available in a variety of wall art, notepads, stickers, and magnets as well as several other accessories including matching throw/floor pillows:

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