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We have a variety of gear designed with kids in mind, because kids ❤ wolves, babies do too! (And that’s why they howl at night—babies, that is.) All of our items are carefully designed and one of a kind, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. We also offer a variety of creative, thoughtful gifts, greeting cards, home decor, and apparel ⁠— check out our menu at the bottom of this page!

For artistically inclined kids, check out our free coloring pages (also at the bottom of this page), yours to download and print!

For 2023, the only calendar poster being offered is related to August Allen’s new book called I Love Dandelions. More information and access to that calendar, and kids gear, can be found here. Next year, though, we hope to offer new and exciting wolf calendars for kids! We apologize to those who were looking forward to our yearly wolf calendar!


You become. A lovely quote from the Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams. Available in wall art and notepads only. Tap on image or title to purchase. To protect the copyright image shown here is in low resolution. Read The Velveteen Rabbit (as it was originally printed), with original artwork, here.

Throughout her life, Margery Bianco Williams understood what it meant to be real. She understood that all of these trappings of prestige and material possessions that we associate with being happy and what will endear us to others really fall short – because it’s only when we allow ourselves to both give and receive unconditional love that we really become truly contented.

Someone asked why we didn’t have any stuff for cat lovers. Well, cause we’re wolf people, that’s why (duh). But, we just fixed that anyway and present our first product for those who love felines:

Cats Rule is available in a variety of tees, sweatshirts and hoodies in a variety of colors, and with some great matching gear! 66 products in all including tees and hoodies for babies! Detail of illustration below. Our cat sits atop anywhere from zero to nine books depending on the product.

On notepads, aprons and floor pillows our cat sits upon all nine books!

The Wise Wolf Available in hoodies for kids, hoodies for toddlers, kids tees, onesies, and tees for babies.

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A similar design (caption added, as shown below) is available in stickers, notepads and accessories. 81 products in all!

New! Puzzles!! Our favorite kids design is now available in puzzles, in several different sizes and quantity of pieces. Tap onto image below for details:

As a matter of fact for kids. Available in a variety of gear, home decor, stickers, tees, and sweatshirts in many colors and sizes, follow this link to view all products or tap image below for details on kids tees.

As a matter of fact is also available in kids hoodies. If you are looking for baby and toddler tees and hoodies, please visit this link to view all products.

And we also offer this style in kids masks (along with small, and regular sized masks).

And if your mom or dad are jealous because you were raised by wolves, and they were not, tell them we made tees and hoodies for them too!

“Rewild Your Heart” available in a variety of colors, for kids, toddlers and babies in tees and sweatshirts. Follow this link for toddler hoodies, this link for kids hoodies, this link for kids tees, this link for toddler tees, and this link for baby onesies.

We also have Rewild Your Heart masks for kids.

“Geometric Wolf” for kids. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, follow this link, or tap on image below for details on kids tees.

For “Geometric Wolf” baby tees follow this link, and for toddler one-piece (long and short sleeve) follow this link.

For “Geometric Wolf” accessories such as stickers, water bottles, notepads, throw pillows and totes please follow this link.

A world without wolves would be like a world without bees! Both are essential! Which is why we created our next product, “Save Bees!”

“Save Bees!” kids tees, available in a variety of colors. Follow this link, or tap on image below for details.

“Save Bees!” is also available in baby tees, follow this link for details, for baby one-piece (long and short sleeve), follow this link. For accessories go to the Save Bees main page here.

“Earth Day Everyday” for kids. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, follow this link, or tap on image below for details on kids tees.

For “Earth Day Everyday” baby tees follow this link, and for toddler one-piece (long and short sleeve) follow this link. For accessories such as stickers, notepads, or travel mugs follow this link.

Are you a vegan? Well, we have just the tee for you!

“Live Vegan” kids tees! Follow this link, or tap on either image below for details, available in a wide variety of colors but please choose lighter colors as dark lettering is not outlined.

For “Live Vegan” baby tees follow this link. For long and short sleeve baby one-piece follow this link.
Wolf Fun Facts

Wolves live in groups called packs and are led by the alpha pair. A pack is a family of 2 to 30 individuals, the average size pack is seven to eight wolves with a mom, dad, and offspring. The wolves’ communication skills are very important to the pack’s survival.Wolves work together to hunt, raise their young, and protect their territory. Wolves communicate with more than howls. They whimper and whine, growl and bark, yelp and snarl. When a pack of wolves does howl, it can be heard up to ten miles away. The howl is used as a way to call to another pack or warn of danger. Each pack has a unique howl, and while they don’t howl at the moon, wolves howl more when the moon is full and bright.

Wolves also use scents produced by their bodies to communicate. A wolf’s sense of smell is 100 times stronger than a human’s.

Wolves also communicate through body language. If a wolf feels confident, it will approach another wolf with its head and tail held high and ears perked up. A wolf observed slinking toward another with its body lowered, its tail between its legs, and its ears flattened, signals it is approaching a dominant animal. A wolf’s body language may remind you of another animal: a pet dog. Wolves and dogs are closely related, and the ways they communicate are similar. In fact, dogs and wolves share a common ancestor—a prehistoric wolf that lived in Europe or Asia anywhere between 9,000 to 34,000 years ago.

Wolf couples will produce one litter of pups every year. Wolf pups are born deaf and blind and weigh just around 1 pound. Just like in human families, older brothers or sisters look after their younger siblings, the older wolf offspring care for their younger brothers and sisters by finding them food.

Young wolves stay in their parents’ pack for at least two years before some of them take off to join other groups or to start their own pack. They may stay close to their parents or go far away.

Wolves travel at about 5 miles per hour, but can sprint 36 to 38 miles per hour for short distances. Wolves can keep up a reasonable pace for hours and have been known to cover distances of 60 miles in one night.

For thousands of years, humans have loved, feared and even hated wolves. By learning more about them, we can learn to appreciate them, rather than fear them.

Coloring PagesHelp yourself to these coloring pages, free for you to download, and print. Enjoy!


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