The Audacious Vegan

We believe in following a strict vegan (and whenever possible, organic) lifestyle. Farming livestock for food threatens all life on earth.

Animal agriculture is the root to countless environmental disasters, yet many so-called “environmentalists” and “wolf advocates” (including many leaders of environmental protection organizations) continue with their meat consumption. Of course, many individuals may partake in “meatless mondays,” or fleeting moments of “boycott beef,” when yet another wolf is slaughtered for preying on that which replaces native species, or when more wild horses are removed from their home for the sake of cattle grazing, but this just isn’t nearly effort enough. The earth may “need a good lawyer,” but what the earth really needs is for you to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

The near eradication of wolves in the contiguous United States, and the ongoing “removal” of wolves, to this day, is directly related to the keeping of livestock. To protect livestock, and in an attempt to extirpate wolves permanently from the landscape, the species was hunted venomously (poisoned, trapped, snared, and shot from helicopters). The resentment, hatred, and unfounded fear of the wolf led to a centuries-long extermination campaign, and even now, with all that we have learned about wolves, the hatred lives on.

Dear well intentioned wolf advocate: there is no such thing as predator friendly beef.

Beyond the impact on the environment caused by animal agriculture, the suffering inherent in mass meat production cannot be justified.

What madness of our times will revolt our descendants? There are plenty to choose from, but one of them, I believe will be the mass incarceration of animals, to enable us to eat their flesh or eggs, or drink their milk. While we call ourselves animal lovers, and lavish kindness on our dogs and cats, we inflict brutal deprivations on billions of animals that are just as capable of suffering. The hypocrisy is so rank that future generations will marvel at how we could have failed to see it. – George Monbiot

Most hypocritical is the meat-eating “animal rights” advocate. How does one advocate for one animal whilst chewing on the flesh of another, I wonder.

Choose compassionate consumption, go vegan (please choose organic whenever possiblethe most sustainable and environmentally friendly product you can put on your plate) and encourage your friends and family to join you.

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Meet “The Hypocrite

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