Donor Appreciation Gifts

While it is far from universal, more and more people have come to realize that we need to sustainably manage our planet’s finite resources and to protect the ecosystems which all life is dependent upon. Many people are aware of the urgent need to heal our Mother Earth. This awareness, a much needed paradigm shift has become a powerful force exerting a great deal of pressure on many of the day-to-day actions (earthly abuses) routinely undertaken by corporations, government agencies and the like.
For many of us, our own individual behavior is becoming more and more thoughtful as we strive to live not only a more sustainable lifestyle, but in closer harmony with nature. “First do no harm” encompasses our one, and only, Mother Earth.

Environmentalism, often viewed as a political perspective, regularly becomes a political tug-of-war with corporate and political greed wreaking havoc on the natural world, while ignoring science based, and thoughtful decisions. Our government often fails to deliver effective programs (never mind solutions) to protect our water, land, air, and wildlife.

In the Shadow of the Wolf, is an all-volunteer organization working to raise environmental consciousness. We also fiercely defend wolves and all other creatures that call this blue planet home. Join the revolution!

Every living creature bears the brunt of our endless destruction, their plight serves as a reminder that we can, we must, do better not only for our co-inhabitants but also for the earth, and for ourselves. Through art and advocacy we hope to effect a change that benefits all species and our imperiled Mother Earth.

For our donors we offer a variety of rewards! Be sure to fill out the address form and enter the gift selection of your choice in the donor comment section at the time of your donation. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery in the USA. For outside the US, allow the extra delivery time typical for your country.

For a $10.00 donation we offer our unique logo bumper sticker as shown below.

In the Shadow of the Wolf logo

For a $20.00 donation choose any one of our unique stickers, designed by our artists, offered in either standard bumper sticker size (3″×10″) or square (4″×4″):

Relist Wolves
Love Wolves
I Am Wolf
Love Wolves 2

For a $50.00 donation choose any 3 greeting cards (or 4 if you prefer postcards) shown below. Yes! You can select all different artworks!

An Article of Faith
Earth Teach Me
And then there was peace

For a $100.00 or more donation we offer a giclée fine art print of the painting shown below called I AM THE STORM. We will be happy to have the artist sign your print if you so desire.

Thank you for your great generosity. We greatly appreciate your donation, and your sacrifice! Your support helps to further our mission through art and advocacy including lobbying, petitioning, and, of course, through social media. Your support is invaluable to us, thank you again!