Artistic Covid-19 Masks

Of course, this isn’t to trivialize the global pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic is not an excuse for a fashion show, but as we lose our ability to communicate through smiles and visual cues with most of our face covered up, we have come up with alternative ways of making a first impression. Fashion has always been a platform for self-expression. As face masks are quickly becoming a part of our daily routine, many of us are choosing to showcase our individual style through them.

Our face masks help you express yourself even when you can’t show your face. Made with two layers of soft 100% brushed polyester with sublimation print on the outside layer.

The masks are 7.25″ x 4.6″ (18.5 x 11.5 cm) with over-ear elastic straps for a snug fit over mouth and nose.

For every mask sold a donation will be made to Heart to Heart International.

Masks should be washed after each use, but know that because of the unique printing process, the design will stay vibrant and soft to the touch.

Sublimation printing is the crème de la crème of the printing world for apparel. It never (ever) cracks, fades or peels.

Sublimation isn’t your bog-standard printing process. It involves an advanced technique that heats ink to such a high temperature, that it then transforms into gas.

This printing process leads to apparel that holds on to its bold colors, for longer – wash after wash after wash. It’s impressive stuff, really.

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Please note that below you will find just a sample of our masks – the entire collection can be found here.


The Wise Wolf

Detail of design:

Tweet This!

(Or, as our little tweety bird says tweeet this!)

Detail of design:

Animals, absolutely

Real Wolf ®

Detail of design:

Strong Together Wolf Pack

Resist Extinction

Rewild Your Heart:


Earth Day Every Day

The Strength of the Wolf (strong together six feet apart)

Detail of design:

We love bees so much that we offer three unique masks. This is the first. Save Bees:


I can’t find my way home

Resistance Wolf

I Am Essential

Detail of design:

I Will Survive:


Another bee mask: Save the Bees!

Save Monarchs (our Monarch butterfly camo)

Tribal Alpha Wolf

Another bee mask! Beelieve (Hang in there!)

Detail of graphic:

Geometric Wolf

Masks for vegans!

Live Vegan

View our entire collection of masks here!

Coming soon – Chilly Birds masks!

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