Breaking Horrible News: OPT Pack

The King County, WA, court hearing on the private citizen suit versus Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) regarding the ongoing "removal" of wolves from the OPT wolf family, was held this morning, Friday, August 16th. It is a bittersweet situation. The good news is that the court issued a preliminary injunction to halt … Continue reading Breaking Horrible News: OPT Pack

Urgent: Tweet for WA Wolves

Update August 16. In addition to sending off tweets (which will be updated as the situation with the OPT pack progresses), please send an email to Washington's Governor Inslee, WDFW Director Susewind, the Forest Service, and the WAG lead, Donny Martorello. Sample emails and a link for sending them can be found here. Urgent tweetstorm … Continue reading Urgent: Tweet for WA Wolves

Washington: Stop the Wolf-killing Protocol 

As you probably already know, the Center for Biological Diversity and Cascadia Wildlands filed a lawsuit challenging the lethal management protocol of wolves in Washington.  The lawsuit asserts that the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's killing of wolves in two packs in the northeastern part of the state relied on a faulty protocol and failed to undergo required … Continue reading Washington: Stop the Wolf-killing Protocol