Rise Up for the Togo Pack


Today, just hours after publishing this post, a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife marksman fatally shot the collared male member of the Togo wolf family, leaving his mate to tend to her pups alone.
Please continue to tweet and email the Governor, don’t let this heinous act silence your voices.

Urgent. Please speak out against the removal of a member of the Togo wolf family. If you are not on Twitter but would like to help, scroll to the bottom of this page and please send an email to involved officials. You will also find a petition to sign below the email.

Thank you for your support.

As this is an emergency, and last minute effort, I will spare you the introduction. If you are not familiar with the situation regarding the Togo wolf family please follow this link for more information from Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, or see this Facebook post.
As usual, all tweets can be automatically sent by tapping “Tweet4Wolves” at the end of each tweet. For ease of tweeting, open this link on your browser and close your twitter window. Thank you for tweeting on behalf of the Togo wolves. Feel free to download/add any images from this post, or our facebook page, to your tweets.

Please Retweet:

1. That #publiclands are to be exploited for profit rather than protected for life is a parochial concept @WDFW #TogoPack #ProfanityPeakPack #ShermanPack #WedgePack #SmackoutPack Tweet4Wolves

2. The decision by @WDFW to kill one of just two confirmed adult members of the #TogoPack for the infraction of killing cattle grazing on #publiclands is reprehensible. Tweet4Wolves

3. .@WDFW The last 4 depredations were on national forest lands that belong to all Americans, and for the majority of us, displacing natural prey with an invasive species (aka cattle) is simply unacceptable @forestservice #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

4. Killing wolves to benefit the profit margin of private businesses utilizing public resources is an outrage. #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves @WDFW #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

5. Sign the petition: Ask your Congressperson to support legislation that would help remove livestock from #publiclands: bit.ly/2wqAP0G #StandForWolves #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

6. Since 2012 @WDFW has killed 18 state #endangered #wolves, nearly 15% of #WAwolves for the infraction of preying on that which replaced their natural prey. #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

7. Tragic that the “removal of predators repeats itself over & over throughout the west. #StopTheSlaughter #TogoPack @WDFW pic.twitter.com/Fza1BwMdEh Tweet4Wolves

8. .@WDFW #WAWolves are #essential. Management of these magnificent animals should be based on science, allow for full public input, and not be sacrificed for the profit margin of the few. #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

9. Killing members of the #TogoPack is emblematic of what is wrong with our wildlife policies, especially with regards 2 #publiclands @WDFW pic.twitter.com/9tgIKPQ76A Tweet4Wolves

10. What about preserving the ecological role of large predators on our #PublicLands. @GovInslee @WDFW @forestservice #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

11. The mere presence of #livestock socially displaces the prey of predators, replacing the #wolves main food source @WDFW #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack pic.twitter.com/IpPtaZx5Xn Tweet4Wolves

12. Killing #TogoPack members is an obvious harm to the public’s right to healthy wildlife populations on #publiclands #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves @WDFW Tweet4Wolves

13. The way @WDFW are slaughtering #wolves is an outrage! #ProfanityPeakPack #ShermanPack #WedgePack #SmackoutPack and now what will become of the #TogoPack @GovInslee Save #WAwolves Tweet4Wolves

14. Displacing or slaughtering public #wildlife including #WAwolves to facilitate private use of our #publiclands is ethically wrong! @WDFW @GovInslee #StopTheSlaughter #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

15. Call @GovInslee: 360-902-4111 Voice your opposition to the slaughter of #WAwolves on our #publiclands #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

16. .@WDFW How can one adult wolf possibly tend to her pups! #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves
#TogoPack @GovInslee pic.twitter.com/Pg3FFleWIH Tweet4Wolves

17. We want #Wolves #Wildlife on our #PublicLands not livestock @WDFW @forestservice @GovInslee
#StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack pic.twitter.com/AXCqcjfohQ Tweet4Wolves

18. We do not want our tax dollars to pay 4 the slaughter of #wolves at the behest of ranchers! @WDFW @GovInslee #publiclands are for #wildlife including #WAwolves #StopTheSlaughter #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

19a. While livestock grazing is a legally permitted use of #publiclands, that use is contingent upon livestock production not harming public values @WDFW @GovInslee #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

19b. The killing of wolves is an obvious harm to the public’s right to have healthy wildlife populations on our #publiclands especially in our forests! #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack @GovInslee @WDFW Tweet4Wolves

20. #Washington with over 7 million people, well over 1 million cattle, cannot allow room for 122 #wolves Outrageous! #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves @WDFW @GovInslee #TogoPack pic.twitter.com/KxmPYKgS3k Tweet4Wolves

21. Ranchers grazing #livestock near known wolf habitat should gracefully accept losses &/or terminate their lease @WDFW @GovInslee #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack pic.twitter.com/frXDNmHk4q Tweet4Wolves

22. Ranchers getting subsidized forage on #publiclands have NO right demanding removal of #wolves @GovInslee @WDFW #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack pic.twitter.com/lkNUqFa2N5 Tweet4Wolves

23. Ranchers getting reimbursement 4 losses due 2 depredation on #publiclands have NO right demanding removal of #wolves @GovInslee @WDFW #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

24. Ranchers should take their cattle & go home. #Wolves R essential
livestock is detrimental @WDFW @GovInslee #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack pic.twitter.com/UFarDTcWEu Tweet4Wolves

25. Our #publiclands #ecosystems & #wolves should not be sacrificed 4 the private profit of individuals @GovInslee @WDFW #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack pic.twitter.com/KxmPYKgS3k Tweet4Wolves

26. Preserving the ecological role of large predators & a balanced ecosystem on #publiclands is essential @GovInslee @WDFW #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

27. Grazing livestock depresses virtually all species of wildlife & has caused the demise of many #WAwolves @GovInslee @WDFW #StopTheSlaughter #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

28. .@Govinslee The health of our planet & survival of our co-inhabitants should B of the utmost importance #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack @WDFW Tweet4Wolves

29. Our focus should B on eliminating that which degrades our forests & #PublicLands & destroys our ecosystems: Livestock @GovInslee @WDFW #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

30. The ongoing “removal” of our wolves at the behest of private businesses must stop! #WedgePack #SmackoutPack #ShermanPack #ProfanityPeakPack #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

31. Domestic livestock R appropriating & limiting the natural food/native prey that sustains #wolves @WDFW #StopTheSlaughter of #WAwolves #TogoPack Tweet4Wolves

Send an email on behalf of the wolves of Washington state:

Dear Director Susewind and Mr. Martorello,

The ongoing slaughter of wolves to stop depredations on livestock grazing on public lands in known wolf territory is not acceptable and, frankly, an abomination. The state’s policy calls for wolves to be widely distributed throughout Washington, and the slow progress toward meeting statewide recovery goals can easily be attributed to lethal measures utilized to protect livestock.

The lethal removal of the adult black male member of the Togo wolf family is not only tragic, but is an action that will devastate the family of what was just 2 adults (the breeding pair) and pups.

The last 4 depredations, blamed on the togo wolf family, were on national forest lands, public lands that belong to all Americans, and supported, financially, by all Americans who are stakeholders, and therefore have a say how how these lands are utilized. For the majority of us, displacing natural prey with an invasive species (aka cattle) is simply unacceptable.

This “removal” may likely lead to the demise of yet another wolf family in Ferry/Stevens County. Certainly there is already a great deal of strain between the producers and the environmental community.

The fact that Washington, home to over 7 million people, well over 1 million cattle, and approximately 50,000 plus sheep, can not allow room for a little over 120 wolves is just plain outrageous.

Ranchers getting subsidized forage on our public lands, reimbursement for losses due to depredation, as well as grazing livestock near known wolf habitat should gracefully accept their losses and/or terminate their lease. Our public lands and ecosystems should not be sacrificed for the private profit of individuals.

Study after study has demonstrated that grazing of livestock depresses virtually all species of wildlife, and on western rangelands has probably had a greater adverse impact on wildlife populations than any other single factor. We all have a responsibility to the Earth, our environment, and our wildlife, including wolves. It is far past time for the health of our planet and the survival of our co-inhabitants to be of the utmost importance; our focus should be on eliminating that which degrades our forests and other public lands and destroys our ecosystems. It is also far past time for the department to request the Forest Service close grazing allotments near known wolf territory.

The ongoing slaughter of our wildlife at the behest of private businesses needs to come to a full stop. The gunning down of a member of the Togo Pack for hunting prey in his rightful place, our public forests, is just plain wrong.

Protect our wildlife.


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Copy/paste (feel free to edit) and share your thoughts with those who allow the removal of wolves from our public lands in Washington:

Send a copy of your email to Donny Martorello (wolf policy lead) here: donny.martorello@dfw.wa.gov

Send another copy to Kelly Susewind (Director WDFW) here: director@dfw.wa.gov

And another copy to the Commission here

Please also send a copy to Governor Inslee here

Should you like to contact Director Susewind via phone: 360-902-2200

Take action:

Legislation has been introduced year after year to retire grazing permits. This legislation is in the 115th Congress and therefore still has a chance to be considered before we move into the 116th Congress on January 3, 2019, and would “authorize voluntary grazing permit retirement on Federal lands managed by the Department of Agriculture or the Department of the Interior where livestock grazing is impractical.” Please ask your Congressperson to cosponsor, or support, H.R. 3624 via this petition from Wilderness Watch.

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Our latest, in memory of the Togo wolf:

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