Washington: Stop the Wolf-killing Protocol 

As you probably already know, the Center for Biological Diversity and Cascadia Wildlands filed a lawsuit challenging the lethal management protocol of wolves in Washington. 

The lawsuit asserts that the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s killing of wolves in two packs in the northeastern part of the state relied on a faulty protocol and failed to undergo required environmental analysis. The suit was filed in Superior Court of Washington for Thurston County. 

In June of this year, Fish and Wildlife officials adopted a revised “wolf-livestock interaction protocol” for determining when to kill wolves in response to livestock conflicts. The protocol provided for the state to kill wolves more quickly than in prior years. This protocol was adopted without public input or environmental review, in violation of the state’s Environmental Policy and Administrative Procedure Acts. (Press release)

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Overall, since 2012, the state of Washington has killed 18 state-endangered wolves, nearly 16 percent of the state’s current confirmed population of just 115 wolves. Fifteen of the wolves killed since 2012 were killed on behalf of the same livestock owner; those kills have led to the near eradication of three entire wolf packs, including the profanity peak pack last year. The rancher in question has been a vocal opponent of wolf recovery and has historically refused to implement meaningful nonlethal measures designed to protect his livestock from wolves which this blogger finds completely unacceptable, especially when utilizing our public lands, supported by our tax dollars.

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