Wyoming Grazing Allotments in Prime Wolf and Grizzly Habitat Update ~ Take Action.

This is an action update, for more information please see the original post here.

On October 20th, Rob Hoelscher, District Ranger for the Forest Service (Bridger-Teton National Forest), signed the draft Record of Decision (ROD) and released the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the Upper Green Grazing Project.

 The draft decision selects a modified Alternative 3. Under this decision, livestock grazing would continue to be authorized on all six allotments, using “livestock management strategies designed to sustain rangeland and riparian resource conditions where desired conditions are being met and improve resource conditions where a gap between existing conditions and desired conditions has been identified.”  The EIS is available online here. The Notice of Availability (NOA) of the FEIS will be published in the Federal Register in late October, 2017.

 The draft decision is subject to the objection process. Once the legal notice of the availability of the draft ROD is published in the Casper Star-Tribune, there will be a 45-day objection period. Objections will be accepted only from persons who have previously submitted specific written comments regarding the proposed project during scoping and other designated opportunity to comment. Issues raised in objections must be based on previously submitted written comments regarding the proposed project unless based on new information arising after designated opportunities to comment. 

Livestock grazing is promoted, protected and subsidized by federal agencies on approximately 270 million acres of public land in the 11 western states. By destroying vegetation, damaging wildlife habitats and disrupting natural processes, livestock grazing wreaks ecological havoc on riparian areas, rivers, deserts, grasslands and forests alike — causing significant harm to species and the ecosystems on which they depend.

Written objections, including any attachments, must be sent via regular mail, fax, email, hand-delivery, or express delivery within 45 days following the publication date of the legal notice in the Casper Star-Tribune to: Objection Reviewing Officer, PO Box 1888, 340 N. Cache, Jackson, WY 83001 or to the email address for filing objections: objections-intermtn-regional-office@fs.fed.us (36 CFR 218.7). You must also email a copy of your objection to Dave Booth, Interdisciplinary Team Co-leader:  dbooth@fs.fed.us

Paper copies of the document are available for public viewing during normal business hours at the Front Desk of the Bridger-Teton Pinedale Ranger District at 29 East Fremont Lake Road in Pinedale, WY. Copies are also available by contacting Dave Booth, Interdisciplinary Team Co-leader at 307-367-4326 or dbooth@fs.fed.us

If you previously submitted a comment then please take a moment of your time to object to this proposal, again. For more information and talking points please see our first blog post regarding the proposal.


Take the time to comment against plans for the future of the massive grazing allotment complex, which is also prime wolf and grizzly habitat. The complex spans the *entire* Bridger-Teton National Forest from north to south, spills into the Gros Ventre River drainage, and is an environmental disaster. Thank you. 

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