Breaking Horrible News: OPT Pack

Update 8/19: Our letters to all officials involved in this situation have been updated and can be found here, please take urgent action, before it is too late for the Togo pack, and please follow up with a phone call.

The King County, WA, court hearing on the private citizen suit versus Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) regarding the ongoing “removal” of wolves from the OPT wolf family, was held this morning, Friday, August 16th. It is a bittersweet situation. The good news is that the court issued a preliminary injunction to halt further lethal removal of wolves from the #ProfanityPeakPack2. This means WDFW can’t kill any more members of the OPT pack while that lawsuit is pending; the court agreed with the lawsuit that alleged WDFW broke the law and the policies outlined by the state Wolf Advisory Group by reauthorizing a lethal removal order on the OPT pack in late July. The judge ruled that the cattle producers in the OPT area and WDFW didn’t do their “due diligence on non-lethal methods” according to the Spokesman Review.

The horrible news is that by the time the court hearing started this morning, four of the five remaining wolves were killed, including the remaining two pups.

In an act of retribution, and rushing to destroy every member of the OPT family before a court could grant them protection, gunners took to the skies to annihilate what was left of this pack⁠—including the pups.

Possibly one sole survivor of the OPT family remains (WDFW asserts that they killed the entire pack, although another wolf was sighted in the area), and is now temporarily protected from WDFW sharpshooters…one lone wolf who watched his entire family gunned down to protect livestock grazing on your public lands in our nation’s forests.

Further, WDFW also has a kill order to execute the only two members of the Togo pack, as the court order was only in regards to the OPT pack, and therefore does not protect these two wolves.

This is a horrific abomination. Please continue to call and email WDFW Director Kelly Susewind, and all others involved expressing your opposition to the ongoing slaughter of WA’s wolves.*

*Our updated letters to all officials involved in this situation can be found here, please take urgent action, before it is too late for the #TogoPack

8 thoughts on “Breaking Horrible News: OPT Pack

  1. Thanks for update. Will continue. Heartbreaking

    Mary Visciglio Stand for Wolves Sent from my iPhone.


  2. I donot like all our wildlife being BRUTALLY murdered by people with no heart or soul. Wiping out all our wildlife from our national Icons who helped build our country. To our eco system that we are just recently was coming off the endangered species list. We need all of out wild life for our eco system . We need all of wildlife our bees to live her on earth
    Greed and selfishness is something we donot need. Our wild life and our federal parks. Were put together here for protection for generations to enjoy seeing. For hikers hunting. Not to be ripped apart by the greedy and the heartless. Please, you know the truth about our wild horse numbers. We know now it hasbeen proven their are not thousands in each ban. Their are only a hundred or so in each ban. They have tortured them enough. Give them back their territory. Let our beautiful country stay beautiful with all this greed and heartless souless people destroy it!

  3. All our wildlife, land and marine being killed. This is so wrong. Why is congress allowing this. Our president animal killer Ranchers animal killers your greed is gonna bite you in the butt. You don’t fear GOD YOU WILL answer to HIM

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