Alexander Archipelago Wolf Hunting and Trapping Season Emergency Closure

Wolf Hunting and Trapping Seasons to Close in GMU 2 on December 20/2015 just before midnight.

The Thorne  Bay and Craig  Districts  Ranger, Matt  Anderson, under authority  delegated by the Federal Subsistence  Board, will close the Federal public lands of Unit  2 to the “harvest” of wolves beginning at 11:59 P.M. on Sunday, December 20th, through the remainder of the Federal seasons.
The  Alaska Department of  Fish and  Game (ADF&G)  will  close the state wolf hunting and trapping seasons in  Unit 2 at 11:59 P.M. on Sunday,  December 20th, 2015, through the remainder of the State seasons.
As of  Tuesday, December 15,  2015 five wolves have been “harvested” in Unit  2. Trappers remain active and have 14 days to report *harvest.  The closure is an attempt to ensure the slaughter does not exceed the combined  Federal/State  kill quota set at 9 wolves.
Meanwhile, as the Alexander Archipelago Wolves slip towards extinction, ADF&G and the USFS  continue to “refine population estimation techniques used to establish  Guideline Harvest Levels for Unit 2 wolves”.
*PLEASE NOTE that while the Federal Subsistence Management Board sets a “skin sealing” requirement of 14 days the Alaska Department of Fish and Game sets a skin sealing requirement of 30 Days.
The slaughter of these five wolves may, in no way, be the total number of wolves  killed on Prince of Wales and satellite islands nor does it include the number of wolves poached, which could be substantial.

screenshot_2015-12-14-14-05-56_1_1.jpgA very sad day today.
R.I.P. my beautiful wolves.

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12 thoughts on “Alexander Archipelago Wolf Hunting and Trapping Season Emergency Closure

    1. My tears are also with you. What a . Awful thing to happen. Like t he elephants and their babies being killed to make stupid unneeded things out of ivory. What a loss it is to lose such unique animals over people who have no heart.

  1. One can only hope that the human filth responsible for sanctioning this disgusting killing, will rot in hell

  2. Please dear God when will they realise that we need these beautiful creatures you created to help us survive man is destroying our planet run free with the stars oh beautiful ones back with your maker only you and him one day will make the ignorant understand but I’m afraid then it will be too late for us all 😢😢

  3. These atrosities can not continue. After tears of joy over the removal of riders to destroy yhe ESA were removed the devestation of this hunt makes my soul hurt. They will not learn until it is too late.

  4. OMG! I can’t believe any one could murder these very necessary animals. I pray to you God that you stop this in humane MURDER of your Wolves! Save them please! This breaks my heart.

  5. So are you saying, the Alexander Archipelago Wolves are extinct? God, I hope not. They are so important and very Beautiful.

    1. No, they are not extinct, yet. However if the population is as low as 50 individuals, we are very close. With the usfs continuing old growth logging in the tongass for another 16 years, the wolves, as well as other wildlife will be adversely affected terribly (not to mention the loss of beautiful 700 year old trees). A very sad situation, Shirley.

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