I Am A Nine Year Old Concerned Citizen

“I am a 9 year old concerned citizen. I am very sad and disappointed in Mr. Trump, because I would hope that our president would want life of all kinds including baby bears [and] wolves. I don’t understand why anybody would support hunting practices that [aren’t] fair and so cruel. I am only nine years old but I would hope that in nine more years when I am able to vote, my voice will make a difference. Mr. President I hope you will rethink this decision and save the so very innocent animals in Alaska.”


Kennon, wherever you are, your voice makes a difference now, especially because you are nine years old.

Last year, Congress passed, and President Trump signed into law on April 4, 2018, a measure, under the CRA, that abolished the Alaska National Wildlife Refuges Rule; a rule that had become effective less than 2 years ago on September 6, 2016. The now negated rule was put into place to “prohibit several particularly effective methods and means for take of predators” and spared countless wolves, bears, and other predators from being the subject of abhorrent cruelty on our wildlife refuges in Alaska. Not only did H.J. Resolution 69 strike down the Alaska National Wildlife Refuges Rule, but the measure also prevents USFWS from ever promulgating “substantially the same rule” without explicit authorization from Congress in the future.

Now we are faced with an attack on similar rules put into place to protect predators and other wildlife on our nation’s preserves in Alaska.

The National Forest Service’s proposal to amend “sport” hunting and trapping in national preserves in Alaska would pave the way for hunting black bears with dogs, killing wolves and pups during denning season, and shooting swimming caribou, along with other cruel methods utilized for “the take of wildlife.”

Comments on this proposed rule are no longer due by July 23, 2018. The comment period has been extended. Comments are now due by September 6, 2018 (11:59 p.m. ET)

We deeply appreciate Kennons’ comment and hope that you and your family will also speak out against cruelty in our national parks preserves in Alaska. Take action here (sample comment provided).

Gray Wolf dusted in snow, North America, by Steve Gettle.

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