Be a Voice for the Profanity Peak Pack 

Be a voice for the #ProfanityPeakPack. 

Send an email on behalf of the wolves of Washington state:

Dear Director Unsworth and Mr. Martorello,

Lethal removal of the entire Profanity Peak pack to stop depredations on livestock grazing on public lands in known wolf territory is not acceptable and frankly an abomination.
The state’s policy calls for wolves to be widely distributed throughout Washington, and the slow progress toward meeting statewide recovery goals  can easily be attributed to lethal measures utilized to protect livestock.

The fact that Washington, home to 6,971,406 people, 1,100,000 cattle, and approximately 50,000 sheep, can not allow room for approximately 90 wolves is just plain outrageous.
Ranchers getting subsidized forage on our public lands, reimbursement for losses due to depredation, as well as  grazing livestock near known wolf habitat should gracefully accept their losses and/or terminate their lease.
Our public lands and ecosystems should  not be sacrificed for the private profit of individuals. Study after study has demonstrated that grazing of livestock depresses virtually all species of wildlife, and on western rangelands has probably had a greater adverse impact on wildlife populations than any other single factor. We all have a responsibility to the Earth, our environment, and our wildlife, including wolves. It is far past time for the health of our planet and the survival of our co-inhabitants to be of the utmost importance; our focus should be on eliminating that which degrades our forests and other public lands and destroys our ecosystems.

It was disheartening to hear that State wildlife officials shot two pack members of the Profanity Peak pack on August 5th, one being the breeding female with freshly weaned pups. Then, on August 21st, Department staff lethally removed one adult male. The next day, staff removed three wolves, including one female pup, an adult male, and a second adult. The Department asserts that the second adult wolf was “humanely” killed, though this is highly unlikely as Department staff have not yet retrieved this animal (“Staff verified that the wolf was humanely killed from a helicopter, but was not found during in subsequent attempts to locate it.”) We are now left with 4 surviving pups, 1 adult, and possibly 1 gravely injured wolf.

I understand that “removing” the entire Profanity Peak pack “may prove challenging, given the rugged, timbered landscape in the area”, and I am assuming that once again officials will be gunning the remaining members down via helicopter. I also assume that little thought has been given any to the remaining pups who are too young to be hunting with the pack and therefore will be the unlucky survivors of this aerial slaughter. They will have the fortune of waiting, at the den site, for the return of their family and will have the ‘opportunity’ to starve to death.

I also understand that LARC is offering a win-win scenario for all stakeholders by kindly offering to rescue and relocate the wolves to their sanctuary. This non-lethal removal/rescue is the ethical, moral way forward that meets the needs of all parties.

The ongoing slaughter of our wildlife at the behest of private businesses needs to come to a full stop. Please rescind the kill order for the remainder of the Profanity Peak pack. Removing the wolves alive is certainly more humane than lethal control. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Your name.

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Please support new legislation which will help remove livestock from our public lands.  More information can be found here.

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