Nowhere by A. E. Allen

This is my latest, titled nowhere, and is with my very first poem. I would like to tell you a little more about nowhere. At face value the message is clear, however, I endeavor to provide a pathway to a deeper meaning with this illustration.

First, the near dead tree represents our earth, but as you can see she still has several vibrant leaves — these leaves, full of life, serve as a sign of hope — there is still time to rectify our wrongs and heal the earth.

The road, with dotted line for passing, is vertical rather than horizontal, meaning that we can move skyward, nearer to heaven, past the confines of our self-serving inclinations, and above (silhouette of a bird at the top of the road) what is at the root of our inability to not only cease viewing the animal through the glass of our knowledge, but to destroy a belief system which embraces speciesism.

Which brings us to the animal in this piece, which is small, clearly at our mercy, and, at the very bottom of the illustration in the very place where humanity, by and large, places the animal — beneath our own species.

The wall, besides its obvious purpose of both containment, and exclusion, can also represent the barriers which we place around our heart. In “nowhere” the wall is flawed, and shows cracks and wear, demonstrating that our barriers can easily be dislodged and eliminated.

The fence represents greed, and is sturdily made from strong wire … we have much work to do to eliminate this near instinct which our species possesses. The destruction of this barrier (not only the physical, but also the conscious, and subconscious impediment) would allow all species to move freely on what is equally their home.

The barbed wire, or the “devils rope” as the First Nations people of North America called it, is the cruelest form of inclusion or exclusion, a draconian measure which historically represents oppression. The barbed wire, therefore, represents misery.

Humankind is the only species on Earth that destroys it’s only home; unlike all other species, we are incapable of “living life to the fullest” without leaving behind an enormous footprint. Yet we consider ourselves “the most intellectual species ever to walk Earth.”

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