Urgent: Tweet for WA Wolves

Urgent tweetstorm on behalf of the wolf family members occupying the territory once home to the original Profanity Peak pack. This new wolf family has been referred to as the “Old Profanity Territory” wolves, or OPT wolves. We are calling them the #ProfanityPeakPack2, and will be utilizing this hashtag for our tweets. Once again WDFW … Continue reading Urgent: Tweet for WA Wolves

Mercury and Air Toxics Standard

Today is the last day to urge the Trump administration to protect our health from mercury and air toxics. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler is proposing to undermine the Mercury and Air Toxics Standard. This proposal would reverse the existing finding that it is “appropriate and necessary” to regulate emissions of mercury … Continue reading Mercury and Air Toxics Standard

H.R. 2: The Chock Full of Horrors Farm Bill

Second update 6/21: The revised Farm Bill (H.R. 2), nearly as bad as the original, passed the House today by 2 votes, 213-211. Please contact your members of the Senate ask them to oppose the measure. *The gray wolf delisting amendment was not made in order. Update 5/18: Woohoo! The House voted down the #farmbill … Continue reading H.R. 2: The Chock Full of Horrors Farm Bill