With Zero Moral Compass, Idaho Passes Nine Wolf Killing Proposals

Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners passed, with zero moral compass, their extended hunting and trapping seasons allowing even nursing mothers and newborn pups to be killed. All nine proposals were adopted.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey, and spoke out against these barbaric new rules.

Here are the results from the Idaho Fish and Game survey:

27,076 total comments were received.
Just 5,675 comments were from Idaho residents, with under half of those opposed to the rule changes. Shameful.

All participants (nationally/internationally)
15-16% supported the proposals
84-85% opposed

Idaho residents, hunting proposal:
55% support increased hunting “opportunities”
45% opposed

Idaho residents, trapping proposal (1):
54% support
46% opposed

Idaho residents, trapping proposal (2):
52% support
48% oppose

And though a minuscule number of cattle and sheep were killed by wolves, the Commissioners listened to a handful of Idaho’s residents, who, sadly, seem to support these barbaric proposals, including the snaring and foot-hold trapping of these poor animals, even at a time when mothers are nursing, and pups are defenseless and completely dependent.

What is wrong with these people.

The cattle inventory in Idaho, was estimated at 2.49 million head as of January 2020. And from that 2.49 million, according to Wildlife Services 2019 report, approximately just 53 cows and 83 calves were killed by wolves last year.

The sheep and lamb inventory in Idaho was estimated at 220,000 head, with just 126 killed yearly by wolves, on the average; 107 sheep killed (0.05%) and two injured last year.

Lack of ungulate hunting “opportunities” also cannot be a reason for increasing the wolf hunting/trapping seasons as statewide hunting of elk and white-tailed deer has not been hampered by wolves, with record high “harvests” in recent years. In fact, of 868 radio collared elk in 21 areas of the state, the leading cause of mortality for both adult cow elk (2%) and calves (44%) was mountain lions.

This is pure bloodlust.

Again, thank you for speaking out against these abhorrent proposals. I wish that I had better news. This is heartbreaking.