Protect the Arctic—Tweetstorm!

Welcome to our little tweetstorm, and thank you for raising your voice against arctic drilling. If you have not already voiced your opposition to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, find talking points here.

All tweets are automated, please close your twitter window prior to tweeting and open this link on your browser. Tap “Tweet This” at the end of each tweet to send. Please tweet as often as possible, with an emphasis on March 13th. Many tweets leave plenty of room for you to add your own thoughts or handles.

1. The Bureau of Land Management report estimates that future development in the refuge could result in up to 1,745 oil spills by 2050, including six “large” events of at least 1,000 gallons. #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

2. #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

3. Talking points needed to craft and send your own comment to #ProtectTheArctic can be found here: Tweet This

4. The #ArcticRefuge’s 1.5 million-acre coastal plain is our nation’s largest denning site for pregnant #polarbears.
Tell @POTUS to #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

5. “One of earth’s last greatest places… a place that supports life on a scale that’s hard to imagine…” – @MartinHeinrich #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

6. #Area1002 is regarded as having the most productive & biologically important sections of the Refuge. These features have lead observers to remark that ANWR is ‘‘America’s Serengeti’’ & one of the ‘‘Last Great Wilderness Areas.” #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

7. The Porcupine Caribou Herd is the most prominent population in #ANWR. The Herd travels north each summer to calve in the ANWR #Area1002, a nutrient-rich section that plays an important role in maintaining calf survival rates.#ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

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8a. Research has found that female caribou with calves move at least 1.5–2 miles away from drilling infrastructure/pipelines. Scientists predict that such deterrence in ANWR would adversely affect calf survival & population levels. 1/ #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

8b. 2/Specifically, development in the #ANWR is predicted to displace the Porcupine Herd by 30 miles & reduce calf survival by 8.2%. This will reduce the Herd pop. as a whole, as a 4.6% reduction in calf survival would be expected to HALT POPULATION GROWTH Tweet This

Please retweet this first tweet of an excellent thread:

9. .@USFWS previously reported that drilling in ANWR will have ‘‘major effects’’ on caribou and musk oxen as well as ‘‘adverse effects’’ on #wolves, #wolverines, #polarbears, snow geese, sea/shorebirds, arctic grayling, & coastal fish. #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

10. Maternal polar bears w/newborn cubs can B prematurely displaced from winter dens by oil exploration activities. This displacement may result in potentially fatal human-bear conflicts, & likely expose the cubs to increased mortality. #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

Please send the following two tweets together:
11a. #ProtectTheArctic
“In some places, such as the Arctic Range, the wildlife and natural values are so magnificent and so enduring that they transcend the value of any mineral that may lie beneath the surface… 1/ Tweet This

11b. 2/ Such minerals are finite. Production inevitably means changes whose impacts will be measured in geologic time in order to gain marginal benefits that may last a few years.”
– Secretary of the Interior Cecil Andrus #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

12. #ProtectTheArctic
Five hundred identical form letters can count as *just one comment* even when personalized. Please craft and send your own comment to #ProtectTheArcticRefuge.
Talking points, & a link for emailing found here: Tweet This

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13. The #ANWR is the largest intact wildland unit in the Nat Wildlife Refuge System. Such a broad spectrum of diverse habitats occurring within a single protected unit is unparalleled in the circumpolar north & should remain sacrosanct. #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

14. As glaciers literally crumble around him, a pianist plays an elegy for the Arctic.
#SaveTheArctic #ProtectTheArctic
#WeAreTheArctic #AllOfUs #Area1002 Tweet This

15. To those of you who seek to open one of the last pristine ecosystems, in order to increase federal revenues, the vast majority of Americans are appalled. @BLMNational @GOP @POTUS
#WeAreTheArctic #AllOfUs #Area1002 Tweet This

16. The campaign to plunder the #ANWR for oil profits is advancing. But it’s not too late to stop this plan – make your voice heard. Tell the administration: Hands off the #ArcticRefuge Talking points:
#ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

17. The @Interior Department estimates a 75% chance of a major oil spill in the Arctic’s Chukchi Sea from just a single lease sale. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational Tweet This

18. Oil spills can also take numerous years to clean up. Nearly 20 years after the Exxon Valdez spill, more than 26,000 gallons of oil remained in shoreline soils. #ProtectTheArctic @interior @BLMNational @POTUS Tweet This

19. .@POTUS @Interior @BLMNational @BLMAlaska: The challenges for cleaning up an oil spill in the Arctic are numerous. There are *no* viable methods of cleaning up oil from ice! #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

20. #Area1002 is vital habitat 4 the caribou in order to maintain their population. In previous years when the Porcupine herd were unable to reach the 1002 area & forced to calf elsewhere, June calf survival dropped by 19%. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational Tweet This

21a. In nearby Prudhoe Bay, where oil drilling does take place, the caribou that calve there, called the Central Arctic herd, were shown to move their calving area 4 miles away from drilling infrastructure, confirming that it caused a disturbance. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational Tweet This

21b. A displacement would have severe consequences for the Porcupine herd, and their ability to thrive as less nutrient rich land is available in the surrounding area of the calving zone. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @BLMAlaska @interior @POTUS Tweet This

22. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @interior @POTUS #WeAreTheArctic #AllOfUs #Area1002 Tweet This

23. Approximately just 285 Muskox reside on the coastal plain. They could lose about 2,700 acres of critical habitat directly from drilling leases alone. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @BLMAlaska Tweet This

24. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @BLMAlaska @interior @POTUS
#WeAreTheArctic #AllOfUs #Area1002 Tweet This

25. Migrating arctic geese are confused and exhausted by rising temperatures. In short, this puts them out of sync with some of their best food sources, which means that fewer of their chicks are surviving their early months.
#ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational Tweet This

26. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @BLMAlaska @interior @POTUS #Area1002 is one of the most important bird nurseries on the planet & supports millions of birds migrating from Alaska to every other state and six continents. Tweet This

27. “Once our natural splendor is destroyed, it can never be recaptured. And once man can no longer walk with beauty or wonder at nature, his spirit will wither and his sustenance be wasted.” – Lyndon B. Johnson, POTUS
#ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational Tweet This

28. America’s Wildest Refuge: Discovering the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
#ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @BLMAlaska @interior @POTUS
#WeAreTheArctic #AllOfUs #Area1002 Tweet This

29. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @BLMAlaska @interior @POTUS
#WeAreTheArctic #AllOfUs #Area1002 Tweet This

30. “If future generations are to remember us with gratitude rather than contempt, we must leave them something more than the miracles of technology. We must leave them a glimpse of the world as it was in the beginning, not just after we got through with it.” LBJ #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

31. Experts say an oil spill would be inevitable. Offshore drilling threatens our oceans, marine wildlife, and terrestrial wildlife with the risk of catastrophic oil spills. #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

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32. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @BLMAlaska @interior @POTUS #WeAreTheArctic #AllOfUs Tweet This

33. Keeping fossil fuels in the ground is the only way to save polar bears ravaged by #climatechange.
#ProtectTheArcticRefuge #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @BLMAlaska @interior @POTUS
#WeAreTheArctic #AllOfUs #Area1002 Tweet This

34. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @BLMAlaska @interior @POTUS #WeAreTheArctic #AllOfUs #Area1002 Tweet This

35. Investors managing more than $2.5tn have warned oil firms and banks to shun moves by @realDonaldTrump to open the Arctic national wildlife refuge (#ANWR) to drilling.
#ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @interior Tweet This

36. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @interior: Drilling here would threaten one of our planet’s most fragile, and remote ecosystems. #WeAreTheArctic #AllOfUs #Area1002 NO #ArcticDrilling Tweet This

37. #PolarBears & other animals could be extinct by the end of the century if ocean temps continue 2 rise at current rate. Warming temps caused by climate-changing emissions may result in a catastrophic loss of marine wildlife by 2100:
#ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

38. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @BLMAlaska @interior @POTUS Tweet This

39. Don’t let the sun go down on the polar bears & other wildlife dependent on #Area1002. Take action to #ProtectTheArctic. Everything you need to voice your opposition to #ArcticDrilling can be found here: Tweet This

40. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational
#WeAreTheArctic #AllOfUs #Area1002
Polar bear at sunset: Sylvain Cordier Tweet This

41. “The promise of the Arctic is no longer the promise of the pristine. It is now a place where we come face to face with the undeniable consequences of our actions. We must find new ways of living on this Earth. The changes we make must be profound.” #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

42. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @BLMAlaska @interior @POTUS Tweet This

43. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @BLMAlaska @interior @POTUS NO #ArcticDrilling Artwork by Irina Tikhomirova Tweet This

44. “For me, as for so many others, Alaska had been the geography of hope. Now it’s become one of the most threatened parts of this increasingly threatened Earth.”
#ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational Tweet This

45. #ProtectTheArcticRefuge
#ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @BLMAlaska @interior @POTUS
#WeAreTheArctic #AllOfUs
NO #ArcticDrilling Tweet This

46. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational Tweet This

47. .@Shell documents, some 4 decades old, show the oil company knew the damage it was doing to the environment &, with chilling accuracy, foresaw the coming problems associated w/ #climatechange.
#ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational Tweet This

48. The End of Winter.
#ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @BLMAlaska @interior @POTUS Tweet This

49. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational Tweet This

50. 1/3 of all polar bear denning habitat in the U.S. could be destroyed if the coastal plain of the #ArcticRefuge is sold for oil & gas development. @interior @POTUS #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational #WeAreTheArctic #AllOfUs #Area1002 Tweet This

51. The coastal plain contains 65% of the polar bear denning habitat in the Refuge. The proposed seismic survey could disturb more than 96% of that habitat. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @interior Tweet This

52. A plummeting population of just 900 polar bears reside in the #ANWR; one of only 2 subpopulations of polar bears in the United States.
No #ArcticDrilling #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational Tweet This

53. The Arctic Refuge’s coastal plain provides the most important land denning habitat for the Beaufort Sea polar bear population.
#ProtectTheArcticRefuge #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational #Area1002 Tweet This

54. #ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational @interior @POTUS Tweet This

55. Maternal polar bears w/newborn cubs can B prematurely displaced from winter dens by oil exploration activities. This displacement may result in potentially fatal human-bear conflicts, & may expose the cubs to increased mortality. #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

56. Polar bear dens are extremely difficult to detect in the snow, and the proposed den-detecting technology has an unacceptably low success rate with a 25% chance that the heavy vehicles could actually run right over the dens — crushing the mothers and cubs inside. #ProtectTheArctic Tweet This

57. A common loon sits in a capture net on Green Island in Prince William Sound, on April 4, 1989, after the oil spill of the Exxon Valdez.

#ProtectTheArctic @BLMNational

Credit: Anchorage Daily News Tweet This

Thank you for raising your voice against arctic drilling.

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