Save Norway’s Wolves: Tweetstorm 

Wolves are listed as “critically endangered” on the 2015 Norwegian list of endangered animals, yet Norway is planning to cull more than two-thirds of its remaining wolves — a move that will be disastrous for the dwindling members of the species in the wild. Under controversial plans approved last Friday as many as 47 wolves will be shot, from an estimated population of about 68 wolves which remain in the wilderness areas of Norway. The government has justified this year’s planned cull on the basis of harm done to sheep flocks by the predators. The number of wolves the government plans to kill this year is greater than in any year since 1911.

Last year more than 11,000 hunters applied for licences to shoot 16 wolves, a ratio of more than 700 applicants to each licence. 

Parliament allows the regional predator committees to have the power to adopt quotas for felling of wolves, but these decisions are usually appealed. Oppositions will be dealt with very thoroughly by the Climate and Environment Minister within the framework allowed for the parliamentary decision on the quota of wolves. The decisions must also be consistent with the Berne Convention, the Draft Act and Predators Regulations. Norway is under international agreements committed to ensuring the survival of wolves in Norwegian nature. The Climate and Environment Ministry will make a final decision on the appeal cases before the “permissions to kill” period starts.

If the decision to kill 47 wolves stands, then three wolf packs, including pups, will be shot by hunters during Norway’s annual hunting season, which runs from Oct. 1 to March 31.

Please, promptly, send an automated email which can be found herePlease sign this petitionPlease sign this petition, also. And this petition, as well.

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3. #Norway Grønne og humanitære prinsipper fornedret med foreslåtte cull av 47 kritisk truede #wolves
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4. Culling 47 endangered #wolves cuts 2 the heart of Norway’s image as a broadminded, liberal, green nation. #Verdtåbevare! #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

5. Culling 47 truede #wolves kutter to hjertet av Norge image som en broadminded, liberal, grønn nasjon. #Verdtåbevare! #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

6. 80% of Norwegians, in urban & rural areas, want2 keep #wolves at healthy populations #Verdtåbevare #SaveOurWolves  Tweet4Wolves 

7. 80% av nordmenn, i urbane og rurale områder, want2 holde #wolves på sunne bestander #Verdtåbevare #SaveOurWolves  Tweet4Wolves 

8. Conservationists are fighting the government-sanctioned hunt:  #Verdtåbevare #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

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24. This proposed cull is indicative of the brutal treatment predators receive in Scandinavian countries! #SaveOurWolves @VidarHelgesen Tweet4Wolves 

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28. Norway’s image as the saviour of the ecosystem is completely undermined by this slaughter of #wolves @VidarHelgesen #SaveOurWolves

29. #SaveOurWolves @VidarHelgesen @erna_solberg  Yearly over 2million sheep R released in2 forests & mountains of Norway without supervision… Tweet4Wolves 

30. #SaveOurWolves @VidarHelgesen @erna_solberg  Around 1,500 sheep, at the most, R killed by #wolves – farmers richly compensated for loss…  Tweet4Wolves 

31. .@VidarHelgesen @erna_solberg Far more sheep (over 100,000) die for other reasons yet the wolf is 2 blame? #SaveOurWolves No wolf hunt! Tweet4Wolves 

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33. Pls consider the essentiality @VidarHelgesen #verdtåbevare #SaveOurWolves  Tweet4Wolves    

 34. Situation 4 #wolves in Norway is already grim. Wolves allowed to exist in just 1% of the country~designated a “wolf zone” #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves  

35. But once three pairs of wolves have bred, all the rest can be shot. Outrageous! #verdtåbevare #SaveOurWolves  Tweet4Wolves  

36. 68 or so #wolves is far from a genetically viable population. Slaughtering 47 = imminent extinction! #SaveOurWolves @VidarHelgesen Tweet4Wolves 

37. 68 or so #wolves is far from a genetically viable population. Slaughtering 47 = imminent extinction! #SaveOurWolves @erna_solberg Tweet4Wolves 

38. #Norway has a national and international responsibility of having a viable population of wolves @NorwayUN #SaveOurWolves #verdtåbevare Tweet4Wolves 

39. #Norway, home to a diversity of wildlife…or not. @NorwayUN #SaveOurWolves #verdtåbevare Tweet4Wolves 

30. Europe has an estimated population of 13,000 wolves, with about 400 in Scandinavia, just 68 in #Norway, 70% to B culled! #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

41. #Norway compensates farmers richly 4 livestock losses due to wolves, creating an impetus for inflated depredation  numbers. #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

42. In reality wolves are responsible for barely 2% of livestock loss in #Norway @erna_solberg @VidarHelgesen #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

43. The wolf is an enrichment 4many Norwegians who appreciate being able 2 experience nature in its full complexity #verdtåbevare #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

44. It seems that Norwegian farmers have a vendetta against wolves which isn’t rooted in fact, but rather fear & hate @NorwayUN #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves  

45. Decision 2 cull 70% of Norway’s wolves cannot B consistent with the Berne Convention, Draft Act and Predators Regulations! #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

46. Wolf population already small/critically endangered. 2 eradicate 70% of such a vulnerable species is shocking @erna_solberg  #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

47. Wolf population already small/critically endangered. 2eradicate 70% of such a vulnerable species is shocking @VidarHelgesen  #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

48. 1 of packs chosen 4extermination never attacked any livestock 4 the 4yrs it has lived in Letjenna, SW Norway! @erna_solberg #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves  

49. 1 of the packs chosen 4 extermination never attacked any livestock for the 4yrs it has lived in Letjenna! @VidarHelgesen #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

50. Norway considers a wolf population of 7 packs with just ONE reproductive couple “above the national population target”! #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

51. Tweetstorm now! #SaveOurWolves #verdtåbevare #StandForWolves Please tweet this link 4 #Norway #wolves: Tweet4Wolves 

52. Save The Endangered Norwegian Wolves! – Sign the Petition! 
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53. La ulven leve! STOPP utrydningspolitikken NÅ!
#SaveOurWolves #verdtåbevare @erna_solberg  Tweet4Wolves 

54. La ulven leve! STOPP utrydningspolitikken NÅ!
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55. Let the wolf live! STOP extermination policy now! #SaveOurWolves #verdtåbevare @NorwayUN Tweet4Wolves 

56. Ulven gjør naturen litt villere,
mer spennende og er med på å sikre artsmangfoldet i økosystemet#SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

57. Situasjonen 4 #wolves i #Norge er allerede dystre. Bare 1% av landet er utpekt en “ulv sone”, der dyrene er “lov” til å eksistere. Tweet4Wolves 

 58. Men når tre par ulver har avlet, kan resten bli skutt. Opprørende! #Verdtåbevare #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

 59. 68 eller så #wolves er langt fra en genetisk levedyktig bestand. Slakting 47 = overhengende utryddelse! @erna_solberg @VidarHelgesen Tweet4Wolves 

60. #Norge har et nasjonalt og internasjonalt ansvar for å ha en levedyktig bestand av ulv. #SaveOurWolves #Verdtåbevare Tweet4Wolves 

61. Norge, hjem til et mangfold av dyreliv … eller ikke.
#SaveOurWolves # Verdtåbevare @NorwayUN Tweet4Wolves 

62. Europa har en anslått befolkning på 13.000 ulver, med ca 400 i Skandinavia, bare 68 i Norge, 70% til B avlives! #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

63. Norge kompenserer bøndene rikt 4 tap av husdyr på grunn av ulv, og skaper en drivkraft for oppblåste rovdyrangrep tall. #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

64. I virkeligheten ulvene er ansvarlig for knapt 2% av husdyr tap i #Norge @erna_solberg @VidarHelgesen #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

65. Ulven er en berikelse for mange nordmenn som setter pris på å være i stand til å oppleve naturen i sin fulle kompleksitet  #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

66. Det virker som norske bønder har en vendetta mot ulver som ikke er forankret i virkeligheten, men snarere frykt og hat! #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves  

67. Beslutningen om å kjøpe 70% Norges ulver kan ikke være i samsvar med Bernkonvensjonen, lovforslag og forskrifter Predators #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves  

68. Den ulvebestanden er allerede svært liten og kritisk truet. For å utrydde 70% av slike sårbare arter er sjokkerende. #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

69. En av pakkene som er valgt for utryddelse har aldri angrepet noen husdyr for 4 år den har levd i Letjenna! @erna_solberg  #SaveOurWolves  Tweet4Wolves    

70. En av pakkene som er valgt for utryddelse har aldri angrepet noen husdyr for 4 år den har levd i Letjenna! @VidarHelgesen #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

71. Norge vurderer en liten ulvebestanden av bare syv pakker med bare ett reproduktive par “over det nasjonale bestandsmålet”! #SaveOurWolves Tweet4Wolves 

72. Tweetstorm nå! #SaveOurWolves #Verdtåbevare #StandForWolves Vennligst tweet denne linken 4 #Norge #wolves: SaveNorwayWolves   Tweet4Wolves


73. Lagre de truede norske Wolves! – Signer oppropet!
#SaveOurWolves #Verdtåbevare Tweet4Wolves 

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