Keep Wolves Listed

29 other scientists say Great Lakes wolves should stay protected under the Endangered Species Act and they disagree with the idea that keeping wolves on the list increases public resentment.
In a statement Tuesday, the scientists said Great Lakes wolves should stay on the list for now. They question the adequacy of state management plans and contend the wolves still meet the legal definition of an endangered species.


Lifting government protection from wolves in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin could be justified if and when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service “uses the best available science that justifies delisting,” 29 scientists from the U.S. and several other nations said in an open letter. “Currently it does not.”

The scientists also said they were responding to 26 colleagues who sent a letter last week to U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell saying it was time for wolves to lose their endangered status in the western Great Lakes, where their combined population is estimated at 3,700.

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