Stand For Archipelago Wolves on POW

Conservationists and environmental groups have long sought Endangered Species Act protections for the wolves of the Alexander Archipelago. The fight over Tongass wolves goes back at least two decades. Secretary Sally Jewell of the Department of Interior is expected to make a decision regarding the endangered status of the Alexander Archipelago Wolves on Prince of Wales islands by the end of this year. Encourage ESA protection for this imperiled species with another email.

Respect Science: Keep Wolves Protected

The wolf, a highly social animal is in peril. Hunted down relentlessly, the wolf mourns the loss of family members viciously and unethically trapped, snared, and murdered in droves. He must run for his life daily, year after endless year because man"kind" will not be bothered by the small concessions it would take to oversee harmonious coexistence.

HSUS Condemns Oregon’s Cougar and Wolf Decisions

“Yesterday’s decision to delist wolves was not only premature, but also follows a disturbing pattern of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission waging war against our native carnivores. Last month, the Commission voted to allow trophy hunters and federal wildlife agents to kill more cougars and now it’s wolves facing arbitrary decisions that fly in the face of ethical conservation, ignore the best available science and are out of touch with modern society. These decisions are not aligned with responsible management and ignore Oregonian values.”

Keep Wolves Listed

29 other scientists say Great Lakes wolves should stay protected under the Endangered Species Act ‪and they disagree with the idea that keeping wolves on the list increases public resentment. In a statement Tuesday, the scientists said Great Lakes wolves should stay on the list for now. They question the adequacy of state management plans and … Continue reading Keep Wolves Listed

26 scientists are urging the western Great Lakes population of gray wolves be removed from protections of the Endangered Species Act

With a heavy heart and incredible disappointment, I chose this image to share with you today. The image contains a quote from one of the scientists betraying our wolves by urging the western Great Lakes population of gray wolves be removed from protections of the Endangered Species Act. 26 scientists, including Dave Mech of the … Continue reading 26 scientists are urging the western Great Lakes population of gray wolves be removed from protections of the Endangered Species Act

RIP Diesel

Animalista Untamed

On November 19th early in the morning while it was still dark the French police raided an apartment in St Denis, north Paris. BBC News was reporting as the drama unfolded. What it failed to mention was that of the Research, Assistance, Intervention and Deterrence (Raid) unit the first to go in was Diesel, a female Belgian Shepherd dog.

According to The Guardian newspaper “Diesel had been sent in to the apartment ahead of officers to ascertain how dangerous the situation was when it was shot dead.”

She was just 7 years old.

There is so much wrong with this – where do I start?

First of all, Diesel was not an ‘it’. She was a she. Calling her ‘it’ indicates that she is an object of no significance.

Then let’s talk about the early evening television news in which the raid was reported by various on-the-spot correspondents. I did not see…

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Alexander Archipelago Wolves on Prince of Wales~ Online Storm #3

A petition asking for emergency Endangered Species Act listing for Prince of Wales Island wolves was essentially denied by the U.S. Department of the Interior office in Anchorage. In a letter effectively denying the emergency ESA request from six organizations, USFWS Assistant Regional Director stated that an emergency listing is not something that can be petitioned by outside groups, and is a process “left to the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior.” Secretary Jewell is expected to make a decision regarding protecting these wolves under the ESA by the end of the year. Raise your voice for these imperiled wolves. Please partake in the actions within this blog aimed at encouraging Secretary Jewell to protect the little dark wolves on Prince of Wales islands.