Urgent: Last chance to lend your voice for Norways wolves

Urgent. Please take action.

The Minister for Climate and Environment, Ola Elvestuen, will soon decide on the fate of wolves in the wolf zone. If the Predators Management Boards’ decision is upheld, 17 wolves, that cause little to no harm will be killed, and the hunt will begin January 1st, 2019. As we discussed in this recent post, the local predator boards set a total quota of 43 wolves to be exterminated, 17 of which are living within the three established wolf zone areas: Hobøl, Mangen and Slettås. Already, the Minister of Climate and Environment, Ola Elvestuen, has decided to allow the slaughter of 26 wolves during the 2018-19 hunt (the season began on October 1st and does not end until March 31st). However, the Minister has yet to decide the fate of three wolf packs (17 wolves in total).

The Center Party leader, Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, claimed that the number of wolves has “exploded” and that the minister is obliged to regulate the wolf population “down to the target” (4-6 litters per year). An outrageous claim, as the wolf population is kept close to extinction, with the wolf red listed as critically endangered.

Further, at the request of the Ministry of Climate and Environment, the Environment Directorate has assessed how the licensed quota will affect the wolf population.

In connection with the government’s decision, the national wolf population must deliver four to six annual wolves, of which at least three must be full-time residents of Norway.

“A total assessment indicates that the stock target for the wolves is likely to be reached in 2019 if the quota of Rovvildnævnen remains.” We also point out that margins are small and there are many uncertain factors to take into account, said Ellen Hambro, environmental director in a press release.

“If the license quotas are maintained, we cannot rule out that the loss threatens the survival of the Scandinavian wolf population in a longer perspective, especially in relation to the inbred problem. “The loss of wolves could also have consequences for the wolves stock in Sweden,” said Hambro.

Please speak up, encourage the Minister of Climate and Environment not to uphold the decision to kill all of the wolves living in the wolf zone. If you have already written a letter, or sent an email, please send another. Find everything you need to do so here, along with a set of tweets for those of you on Twitter (please send the tweets as often as possible). Time is running out; the decision, and fate of 17 innocent wolves, will be made before the holidays.

Please also vote on this poll (bottom of page), currently 86 percent, of over 5000 votes, are in agreement with slaughtering the wolves living in the so-called protective wolf zone.

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